Substance Abuse Treatment

Alcohol & Substance Use Education

The Alcohol & Substance Use Education Weekend program is designed to reduce recidivism for drivers under the influence. Each attendee is exposed to an intensive 6-hour weekend of information and exercises that challenge them to develop a thorough understanding of alcohol and other substances and the role it plays in their life.

The program consists of:

  • * 6-hour weekend session
  • * Understanding the alcohol and drugged driving laws
  • * Medical & sedative effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain
  • * The Disease Concept of Addiction
  • * Risk factors & self-assessment
  • * Prevention strategies for Alcohol and Drugged Drivers
  • * Community Resources and treatment

A completion report is provided to the referring agent after the weekend session for clients not referred to Outpatient Treatment Sessions.

For some attendees, this means changing minor aspects of their behavior, for others, it may involve a commitment to a longer-term process of rehabilitation. The optional six follow-up sessions reinforce and support the application of behavioral changes planned for in the weekend session. Weekend Alcohol Insight & Substance Use Education weekend program is held once a month.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Our outpatient program is developed for the courts and aimed at adults who commit offenses where substance abuse is either the primary or a critical secondary factor. The emphasis of treatment is on developing awareness and coping skills to prevent relapse. Participants of our outpatient program are placed in a group setting and offered:

  • * Intake
  • * An Individual assessment & treatment plan conducted outside of group
  • * Optional 12 to 24 (1 1/2 hour weekly sessions)
  • * AA or support group attendance 1 x per week
  • * After care plan
  • To enroll in Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient programs you must call to schedule your first intake session at 517-323-8149.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The intensive outpatient treatment program (l.O.P.) is designed for individuals with multiple alcohol/substance related arrests, a history of relapses or other indicators of more serious problems; the P.A.T.S.’ I.O.P. program has 3 phases:

Phase I

  • Alcohol and Substance Use Education Weekend

Phase II

  • 12 weeks of group sessions meeting two times per week.
  • 4 Individual sessions in addition to weekly group sessions
  • 3 Support group meetings per week (i.e. AA, NA, MA, etc.)
  • Obtain a sponsor by week 7 of the program
  • Random U.A./PBT tests

Phase III

  • Additional 12 weeks of group sessions meeting one time per week.
  • 4 Support group meetings per week
  • Random U.A./PBT tests required

Individual Sessions are scheduled by the counselor to fit the client’s schedule.

To enroll in Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient programs you must call us to schedule an intake session at 517-323-8149.

Women’s Specific Outpatient Treatment

The Women’s specific outpatient substance abuse treatment program is for women and covers domestic violence issues, child rearing; sexual & emotional abuse issues that can be a trigger for substance abuse. Women receive mutual support from other female members and assistance from a female counselor trained in women’s issues and addictions. Cost and length of the program is the same as the outpatient substance abuse treatment program.

To enroll, you must contact our office at 517-323-8149 to schedule your intake session.

Relapse Treatment

For clients who have previously completed Outpatient Treatment, have maintained a period of sobriety and need some special attention to prevent another relapse. Clients must have successfully completed a treatment program and have relapsed within the same year.